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OrganizationAssociation of Locally Empowered Youth in Mindanao (ALEY-M) Inc.
Region Philippines
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ProjectLeader Jed Christian Sayre

We will provide medical, legal, material and psycho-social support for abused girls in 5 rural villages here. The villages are experiencing extreme poverty and hardship because of climate change and diseases and girls are at a severe disadvantage with abuse especially in the households common and under reported. Abuse comes in the form of physical and sexual with common relatives often the culprits.


Domestic abuse is becoming more common with hardship and poverty affecting the rural areas. Poverty is caused by diseases, the Coronavirus pandemic, extreme weather events causing crop failure and the disruptions in economic activities. There is a need to provide assistance to girls who are in this situation and there are very few facilities and support system doing this.

Long-Term Impact

The well-being of girls affected by violence in the homes is becoming commonplace and helping them is imperative for their well-being and eventually for the well-being of their communities. This is a problem that festers and needed direct intervention.


  1. https://aleynm.blogspot.com/

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[[Category:Ending Abuse in Philippines Projects in Philippines]], [[Category:Lack of support and resources for abused girls Projects in Philippines]]