Abandoned babies in North-western Ethiopia

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OrganizationAbraham's Oasis
Region Ethiopia
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ProjectLeader Catharina van den Bosch

A telephone call comes through from Social Services that a baby has been found and will Abraham's Oasis help? Our team then sets in motion the process to find the mother or kinfolk of this baby. The Police, Social services, local government, neighbourhoods are all involved. This takes time and the baby needs shelter, food and love now, that is what we provide at Grace Village. The search goes on until exhausted when either the baby is reunified, fostered, adopted or remains at Grace Village.


Despair leads to panic and panic to abandonment. The young women has given birth, her family will reject her, she needs to work she is a commercial sex worker, a high school student, a refugee from Eritrea, a mother with too many children already and no husband, or any one of these situations. She is hungry hasn't eaten in days, she may or may not have given birth in a health facility. So without considering consequences, she hides the baby near a Police station, a health centre or a church.

Long-Term Impact

This project encourages family reunification because mother / family is best, where mother / families are of low economic status the aim is to enable them through income generation activities towards a sustainable outcome. Baby kits goes with the baby upon reunification. Where reunification is not possible the infant is available for adoption. As family is best. There are some infants that stay at Abraham's Oasis for various reasons where they are cared for in small group homes by housemothers.


  1. http://www.abrahamoasis.org

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[[Category:Abandoned babies in need of care and support in north-western Ethiopia Projects in Ethiopia]], [[Category:Physical Health in Ethiopia Projects in Ethiopia]]