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OrganizationAbaco Strong
Region Bahamas, The
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ProjectLeader Martha Fleury

Research has shown that access to breakfast for school-age children can significantly improve their ability to concentrate throughout the school day and positively impact their academic performance. Our goal is to provide breakfast four mornings a week for the children in attendance at The Coopers Town Primary School in North Abaco in order to improve the chance of academic and personal success for each child.


The Children of North Abaco have been through a lot in the last three years. Many families are still struggling to put food on the table due to the devastating impact of Hurricane Dorian and a Global Pandemic in a tourist driven economy. As a result, children in Abaco often come to school without the benefit of a healthy breakfast. The majority of parents work outside of home and travel a considerable distance to get to their place of employment and breakfast is often rushed or nonexistent.

Long-Term Impact

Health and Education form the foundation on which to build when it comes to raising strong children that have an opportunity to be successful as they grow and mature into adults and productive citizens. The Breakfast Program will help to increase school attendance, improve alertness, concentration, mood, and behavior, and improve overall nutrition and development. By supplying the morning meal, the program will also partially relieve the burden on families that are struggling with food security


  1. https://abacostrong.org
  2. https://abacostrong.org

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