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The Eldorado Textile Collective facilitates training in textiles and sustainable fashion for approximately 40 women and young people from the disadvantaged community of Eldorado, Sao Paulo, giving them a safe space to work, support from the ACER community centre, an opportunity to earn an income and to widen their personal and professional horizons, find meaningful employment and contribute to the local economy.


Eldorado is a marginalized community in Diadema, a densely populated satellite town of Sao Paulo with a history of poverty, drug dealing and violence. Local employment is largely informal, giving rise to exploitation and job insecurity, and Covid-19 has reduced job opportunities at the same time as the cost of living has increased. Under these conditions, children are vulnerable to neglect and violence and young people easily drawn into addiction and crime.

Long-Term Impact

The creation of a textile collective in Eldorado Diadema will promote a supportive, sustainable textile community, encourage creativity, widen horizons, empower women, ensure that craft skills are passed on from the older generation to young people, upgrade the local economy, and ultimately help to transform a disadvantaged area.


  1. http://www.acerbrasil.org.br
  2. http://www.youtube.com/v/uuw4UTLPzII
  3. https://www.instagram.com/eldoradotexteis/
  4. https://www.instagram.com/acerbrasiloficial/

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[[Category:Economic Growth in Brazil Projects]], [[Category:Lack of employment opportunities and economic development in Eldorado-Diadema, Brazil Projects]]

[[Category:Economic Growth in Brazil Projects in Brazil]], [[Category:Lack of employment opportunities and economic development in Eldorado-Diadema, Brazil Projects in Brazil]]