A shelter for Ukrainians who have lost their homes

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Record numbers of refugees have been documented in 2022, the war in Ukraine has contributed greatly to the statistics. Since the full-scale russian invasion more than 8 million have been forced to flee their homes and move to more peaceful regions. 100 000 people have nowhere to come back to. Russians destroyed their homes with missiles, houses left standing were looted and deliberately damaged. The figures are quite understated, Ukraine will be able to calculate the damage when the war is over.


A shelter that was created by Ukrainian charity fund 'Tvoya Opora' could become such a place for them. It has 2 floors, a total area of 1 500 square meters. There are rooms both for a temporary stay (7-10 days) and a long-term stay (a few weeks or months). A kitchen, a bathroom and even a children's room are available to meet the needs of Ukrainians. Also, doctors and a psychologist visit the shelter once a week to check on people's physical and mental health. The shelter has already taken 1800.

Long-Term Impact

How long will the war in Ukraine last? What number of Ukrainians will have to abandon their homes and seek refuge? Ukrainians don't have the answers. So, 'Tvoya Opora' charity fund sees its mission in helping with accommodation at least for a year, meaning 2000-3000 people will have stayed here. The longer term may be possible as we'll have to deal with the consequences of this cruel war for many years after the war is over. Even if it's over tomorrow Ukrainians still have no homes to go to.


  1. http://tvoya-opora.org/
  2. https://tvoya-opora.org/pruhustok-vse-byde-dobre

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