A school for children with no chance for education

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OrganizationPallottine Missionary Foundation Salvatti.pl
Region Uganda
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ProjectLeader Monika Mostowska

Adele gathers sticks in front of her hut. She puts them in several rows. She imagines that this is a classroom. She dreams to become a teacher, but she don't go to school. There is no real school in the village of Brobo. Prof. Vincent Asse, specialist in pediatry, born in Brobo does his best to built a school before the rain season starts. We gathered money to build the school with a complex for handicapped. Now, we need funds for special stimulating equipment to help them develop their skills.


The village of Brobo, 30 km away from the city of Buake is a poor village. There is a very primitive school - a roof made of palm leaves, levered on a few bamboo sticks, with no floor, just the sand and no walls. The insects permanently disturb the children. During rain season havy rains make the teaching processimpossible, as it falls on the heads of the pupils. So the education is very poor. Because of that the children have no chances to gain knowledge and to change their life for better.

Long-Term Impact

Education will enable the children of Brobo to gain knowledge, to understand the world better, to change their life and to break the vicious circle of poverty. The children will be able to follow their dreams. Adele will get a chance to become a teacher. The children will not be imprisoned by poverty in their dirty huts and bad conditions of life. Education will shape their minds and souls and take them to a higher level of understanding the world. Education will help Africans to reach dignity.


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