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OrganizationAssociation la Voute Nubienne (AVN)
Region Burkina Faso
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ProjectLeader Chloé Adloff

In Sahelian Africa, housing is (too) often precarious and (largely) inadequate. Even today, more than one in two people do not have access to decent housing. AVN proposes to develop a market for eco-responsible Nubian Vault construction, a proven technical concept. Thanks to your financial contribution, a family can build a climate-friendly house. Over 600 families in Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin and Ghana are counting on you this year: give them this chance!


Housing is a key social need, nevertheless almost half the sahelian population are surviving under precarious, even inaccessible, housing conditions. Poverty, population growth and the disappearance of bush timber used for traditional architecture are depriving millions of families of decent housing. To house themselves, these families have no other choice but to raid their limited healthcare, food & education budgets to purchase expensive imported and unsuitable corrugated iron roofing sheets.

Long-Term Impact

The results? Access by many families to affordable and comfortable homes adapted to the consequences of climate change, the creation of 'green' jobs, the strengthening of local economies at many levels, and the development of an adapted and sustainable construction sector.


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  3. https://www.lavoutenubienne.org/IMG/pdf/annual-report_19-20_web.pdf

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[[Category:Lack of shelter for homeless individuals Projects]], [[Category:Safe Housing in Burkina Faso Projects]]

[[Category:Lack of shelter for homeless individuals Projects in Burkina Faso]], [[Category:Safe Housing in Burkina Faso Projects in Burkina Faso]]