A quality education for 150 kids in Kibera, Kenya

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OrganizationThe Turning Point Trust
Region Kenya
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ProjectLeader Judy Akoth

The Fountains of Hope School is a free primary school targeting the poorest children in the Kibera slum, Kenya. We provide high quality, holistic education. We aim to improve school enrolment, attendance and learning outcomes in Kibera.


How many children were in your class at primary school? In state schools around Kibera, as many as 60 children vie for the attention of one teacher. Many are slipping behind. The schools are under-resourced and charge levies to supplement their budgets. When parents can't afford to pay, their children are excluded from school. Children are dropping out or have low attendance rates. As a result, many children are not achieving the exam results they need to move on to secondary school.

Long-Term Impact

In the long term, we expect our students to achieve academically and become well-rounded members of the community who know they have something to contribute to society. We are very intentional about involving parents in their children's education thereby encouraging the community to value quality education and demand it for their children.


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