A new life is a new chance for pregnant women

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OrganizationVida y Familia de Guadalajara, A.C.
Region Mexico
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ProjectLeader Fernanda Macias

Pregnancy can be the most wonderful thing for a woman, but when the conditions in her life are not appropriate, the pregnancy can test her limits and her will. At VIFAC Guadalajara, we provide housing, food, professional training, medical attention and psychological support to every woman facing a pregnancy in vulnerable conditions, to help her reach her best self for the upcoming baby, herself and other children she may have, giving her another chance by bringing a new life to the world.


Children born in Mexico are more likely to face difficulties when growing up since low incomes to lack of services. When the pregnancy is in vulnerable conditions, the baby is more propense to undernourishment, diseases and neglect. Despite that being a single mom is no longer a social issue, for many pregnant women rejection and lack of opportunities are part of other complications, these women belong to a wider group of people to whom opportunities and reaching services require a great effort.

Long-Term Impact

VIFAC's ex-beneficiaries, have better opportunities once they leave VIFAC's house. As part of the services provided, they receive cooking workshops, hair and makeup, nails, cut and confection, and others. With those skills, they are able to start a business of their own or apply for a better job. Also, they receive all the medical attention they require, leading to a healthier pregnancy and happier motherhood, as a result, the baby will have a proper development and a healthy lifestyle.


  1. https://www.vifac.org/es
  2. https://www.facebook.com/VIFAC

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