A new home for 20 families in emergency in Mexico

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OrganizationUn Techo para mi Pais Mexico A Roof for my Country
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TECHO is a youth led non-profit organization present in Latin America & the Caribbean. Through the collaborative work of families living in extreme poverty with youth volunteers. Your Donation will contribute to the work that TECHO has done with the communities by giving solutions for the housing deficit in which millions of colombian families currently are living and will provide finnacial resources to the community development projects.


In Mexico, millions of families live in poverty. This can mean many things: improvised houses, dirt floors, lack of access to public services such as water and sanitation and being ignored and excluded from the rest of society. This situation poses a sense of urgency that massively mobilizes young people to search for concrete and lasting solutions to the problems these communities face every day.

Long-Term Impact

This project looks to better the conditions of families who live in poverty. We believe that through community-organized work, the resolutions reached and the solutions proposed have a better and more successful implementation rate, for these are reached by consensus within the community. Our programs have the goal of encouraging the development of independence, belonging and of empowering the members of the community to, lastly, generating solutions according to their needs and possibilities.


  1. http://www.techo.org/mexico
  2. https://mexico.techo.org/
  3. https://techo.org/

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