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OrganizationThe Ideas Partnership
Region Kosovo
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ProjectLeader elizabeth gowing

This project is a new hope to expand education and create new opportunities for the community. Our hopes for the new centre include:increased space for activities (e.g. 13 x 15m for each of two floors; a playground up to 40 x 10 m), parking 20 x 10m, design as a partnership with the community e.g. women from our SaPune social enterprise will sew curtains; young people to be involved in designing and creating murals with educational and inspirational messages. Indeed a chance to grow as a whole!


Our current centre is a building costing 550 euro per month in rent. Despite this it is not fulfilling in terms of space, and since the number of children and people in general coming to the center has grown, it is becoming a problem to maintain regular classes of education and other activities.

Long-Term Impact

Since the specifics of space would include separate kitchen, toilet, dining room for kindergarten children, and also classroom for physiotherapy sessions, medical counseling/antenatal classes and children with special needs, the new centre building will undoubtedly enable regular activities and will provide education for more than 300 children, and also adults in need for these services.


  1. http://www.theideaspartnership.org
  2. http://theideaspartnership.org/wp/

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