A longterm home for 200 rescued huskies a year

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OrganizationHusky Rescue Ireland
Region Ireland
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ProjectLeader Jamie Fitzpatrick

What if Husky Rescue Ireland didn't exist? What would happen to the 200 huskies and akitas that we rescue, work with and find homes for each year? It doesn't bear thinking about, and that's why we're seriously thinking about the future. Right now, we have a great location. But we rent it. Can we still be here in 2, 5 or 10 years time? Who knows. We have to begin planning ahead while we have time, rather than when it might be too late. Help us begin the long road to finding HRI's forever home!


We love our current home but the likely case is we can't stay there forever. For HRI to stay operational long into the future, we need to find the funds to one day buy our own premises. After 6 years of work, it's clear that the flood of huskies and akitas that are neglected, abandoned or get dumped when they are old and sick is not going anywhere. HRI is the only rescue in Ireland that takes in akitas - without us around, there would simply be nowhere for these poor souls to go.

Long-Term Impact

Saving 200+ homeless dogs each year is what we are able to achieve right now. Taking the first steps to funding our own premises is so vital to making sure our future stays this way. Honestly - over the past few months we took such a high knock on our fundraising that some weeks we were so worried about whether we could cover our rent. Thankfully, we have come out of the other side and know that we must create a stable home so that the dogs can be cared for, whatever is happening in the world.


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  3. https://www.huskyrescueireland.ie/akita-kai
  4. https://www.huskyrescueireland.ie/husky-mochara
  5. https://www.huskyrescueireland.ie/akita-taro

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