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OrganizationFocus: HOPE
Region United States
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ProjectLeader Khristi Miller

The Focus: HOPE project is centered around an economic development and social change model that provides equitable resources to participants. As a whole Focus: HOPE, uses intelligent and practical action to fight against social injustice, by educating individuals and families and by advocate for healthy and equitable living with a goal of long-term success.


We Advocate! Unforeseen times call for unusual courage and tenacity. As an organization founded in response to a critical need in 1968 and as a trusted member of the community for over fifty years, Focus: HOPE is committed to use all our assets, skills, and abilities to support our community during this crisis - inside and outside of our traditional programming. Through this critical time having the available resources will help us to continue to continue to offer supportive services.

Long-Term Impact

We Impact! We impact the Metropolitan Detroit community by working with individuals where they are and helping to develop their areas of need. The long term impact is seen in the revenue sourced back to community through tax dollars; community development/engagement. For example, over the past 4 months, we've graduated 62 students with 43 currently enrolled. That is over 100 people working toward a positive change in their lives armed with tools needed for long-term positive outcomes.


  1. https://www.focushope.edu/
  2. https://youtu.be/3yqCoUaJWtk

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[[Category:Economic Growth in United States Projects in United States]], [[Category:Lack of support for individuals in need Projects in United States]]