A helping hand to 6 families in need in Kosovo

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OrganizationThe Ideas Partnership
Region Kosovo
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ProjectLeader elizabeth gowing

The Ideas Partnership through a careful examination at the most vulnerable community in Kosovo that is Roma,Ashkali and Egyptian, has selected 6 families (3 in Fushe Kosove and 3 in Janjeva/o), living in overcrowded homes and in constant need of support, at least with basic life needs as: nutrition, medication and hygiene packages.


Rubbish picking, for the majority of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community is the main available job, unfortunately. But at least until the pandemic, it served as a source of income for the families there. Considering the pandemic of 2020, the main income for the families became none! Living among many other members of the family through sickness, having to provide for their children is a really big deal and these 6 families indeed are in a constant need for food and hygiene packages.

Long-Term Impact

The project will possibly have impact in the general health of these families, and when the basic need as food is covered for a while, the members can focus on recovering in different aspects for themselves and their children's education and well-being further.The healthier now, the better the cognition and well-being of future generations!


  1. http://www.theideaspartnership.org
  2. http://www.theideaspartnership.org
  3. https://www.facebook.com/NGOtheideaspartnership/

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[[Category:6 families in Kosovo facing financial hardship and other challenges Projects in Kosovo]], [[Category:Physical Health in Kosovo Projects in Kosovo]]