A gift for life: a sheep for a family in Eritrea

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OrganizationALEIMAR - Voluntary Organization
Region Ethiopia
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ProjectLeader Francesca Moratti

The project was born from the necessity of improving the life conditions of the poorest families living in rural villages. Our local partner has operated in Eritrea since 1886, offering sanitary assistance, women empowerment, education, child protection and assistance to youths, aged and sick people and convicts. In order to improve the supply of food and the economic conditions of the population, the nuns distribute goats and sheeps, thus creating little domestic livestocks.


In Eritrea, the 80% of the population lives exclusively on agricultural and pastoral activities and for this reason they live in a condition of extreme poverty. Women are often in charge of the whole family and they have to take care of the children. Therefore, they can hardly work far away from home. Our challenge is to help them in order to improve their families' life condition.

Long-Term Impact

We donate goats and sheeps to the poorest families of the villages, enabling them to increase not only their income thanks to the future sale of the lambs, but also the supply of food and wool. Moreover, the manure produced by the animals will be used as fertilizer in the families' vegetable gardens, thus increasing the harvest. The choice of donating sheeps or goats stems from the fact that these animals do not need particular attention, since they can easily adapt to poor territories.


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[[Category:Economic Growth in Eritrea Projects]], [[Category:Lack of sustainable income and food security for families in Eritrea Projects]]

[[Category:Economic Growth in Eritrea Projects in Eritrea]], [[Category:Lack of sustainable income and food security for families in Eritrea Projects in Eritrea]]