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OrganizationChild Rescue Nepal
Region Nepal
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ProjectLeader Joanna Bega

Every 30 seconds around the world, a child is sold into slavery. Child Rescue Nepal wants to end child slavery in Nepal and we will do this through a combination of rescue and prevention. We want to create an emergency fund so that we can react quickly and rescue children from dire and dangerous situations. We have already rescued 850 children, but there are thousands more that need our help.


Nepal has the fifth highest prevalence of modern slavery globally (Walk Free Foundation 2013) with reports suggesting that up to 15,000 people are trafficked annually,of which a third are children. Trafficked children are used mainly as bonded or slave labour in the informal sector, brick kilns and factories, as domestic servants or circus entertainers, for commercial sexual exploitation, forced marriage and for organ removal.

Long-Term Impact

The long term impact is that rescued children will have their lives restored, and be able to return to formal education. We return children to their family homes where safe to do so, and provide ongoing financial support if needed. Children who remain in our care will be supported into adulthood, and will take part in our transitions programme that will support them into a career and independent accommodation. We have many success stories.


  1. http://www.childrescuenepal.org
  2. http://www.childrescuenepal.org

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