A dedicated micro credit fund for rural Madagascar

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ProjectLeader Markus Faigle

Creating a dedicated seed fund for micro-enterprise projects. Initiated and implemented by the villagers, with support from Zahana, it makes a huge difference overcoming the grip of object poverty.


Most poor subsistence farmers are in remote villages. Nobody is willing to lend them money for e.g. seeds, life stock or tools, so they turned repeatedly to Zahana for help. A small NGO, Zahana does not yet have the financial capacity to assist even a fraction of the projects suggested. Hence the need for a dedicated micro-credit fund that provides access to much needed cash, at a fair rate for many farmers. Villagers will organize in groups to be eligible to borrow.

Long-Term Impact

Crops and animals need time to grow. It may take months or years to evaluate its success. Based on the villager's requests it is clear that with a small amount of money entrepreneurial ventures could greatly improve their lives if they can get it.


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  4. http://www.youtube.com/zahana1
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[[Category:Economic Growth in Madagascar Projects]], [[Category:Limited access to financial services in rural Madagascar Projects]]

[[Category:Economic Growth in Madagascar Projects in Madagascar]], [[Category:Limited access to financial services in rural Madagascar Projects in Madagascar]]