A School Vehicle in Rural Nepal

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ProjectLeader Prakash Bista

Modern Model Residential School currently provides education and boarding facilities to 32 orphans and children in a remote village in Western Nepal. Furthermore, 125 other children attend school during day time. A newly built basic road has brought so much hope. An affordable used pickup or a new one bought with a 50% down payment would help our school transport food and school items from the city to the village, and help take our children and locals to a hospital during a health emergency.


The village where our partner school, Modern Model Residential School is located is so remote that until recently there was no motorable road at all. Without the road and a vehicle, it is very difficult and expensive to carry food and school items to the village from the city as they have to be carried by people or mules on their backs. Also, when 32 children staying at our hostel facility and the local villagers have a medical emergency, they have to be carried by people which takes time.

Long-Term Impact

Long-term, the project will help our school and our hostel facility to have timely delivery of food items and school supplies. Furthermore, the vehicle will help bring the goods at a much lower cost for the benefit of our children and the local villagers. It will also help in the health and safety of our children and school community.

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[[Category:Difficulty in accessing education in rural areas of Nepal Projects in Nepal]], [[Category:Education in Nepal Projects in Nepal]]