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OrganizationAlbertas Lillie Inc
Region United States
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ProjectLeader Marcella Simmons

In America, nearly 11 million children are poor. As the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting recession continues to devastate the United States, children are facing the consequences of failed leadership. This project is a poverty alleviation program that aims to provide underserved children of all ages from the south side of the Chicago-land area with a range of after school programs.


Poverty is giving rise to illiteracy. Children from under-served communities are often without educational coaching at home and those who come from below poverty line families cannot afford after school programs to enhance their learning capabilities. The activities in which these children engage in while outside of school hours are critical to their development, highlighting the need for quality after school programs in poverty stricken communities.

Long-Term Impact

We will incorporate education, vocation and life skills of underprivileged children that will help them rise out of poverty to secure their futures. Most of the children will, if they complete their education, attend college and have improved academic aspirations. Further more, positive outcomes will be seen including a secure and sustainable future, better educational performance, increased school attendance and good health.


  1. https://albertaslillieinc.com/
  2. http://albertaslillieinc.com

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