A Name for a Future: help the children of Aleppo!

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OrganizationAssociazione pro Terra Sancta
Region Syrian Arab Republic
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ProjectLeader Michele Baldini

In Syria there is an entire generation of children at risk of exploitation without accessing education health care, legal support and humanitarian assistance. Franciscan friars and Christian community are trying to face this challenge. We need your help to support thousands of unregistered children and their mothers living in Eastern Aleppo by sustaining the two centers where they receive psychological and educational support, primary goods and legal advice to be registered.


In East Aleppo, the poorest area of the city, live thousands of orphans and those born to women who were abused during the 4 years under the control of Jihadists. Many of these women have been abandoned and have not recorded their children at the registry office to avoid scandal. They are like ghosts. Despite their poor living conditions, both children and women do not receive any assistance. They are marginalized and in desperate need of food, psychological recovery and social reintegration.

Long-Term Impact

At the end of the project, children will be registered and benefit the same rights as Syrian citizens in terms of protection and assistance. They will be physically removed from the street having the chance to go to school, receive an education and grow in a stable context. Moreover, women would be able to take care of their children and less discriminated. Lastly, the initiative of local Christian authorities and their friendship with the Mufti, will strengthen the universal charity promoted.


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