A Model Elementary School Focused on Literacy

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OrganizationRestore Hope: Liberia
Region Liberia
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ProjectLeader Saundra Williams

Restore Hope: Liberia is partnering with the District Education Team and a local nonprofit, Rebuild Africa, to develop a model public primary school focusing on literacy and numeracy from early childhood through sixth grade and accelerated learning classes for overage students.The investment in teachers, through merit-based selection, skills training, and on-going mentorship along with targeted literacy instruction, will result in the highest quality of education available in the district.


THE PROBLEM: Substandard instructional quality, including inadequate learning materials, and low teacher attendance result in poor outcomes, especially in literacy and numeracy. Schools are often unsafe environments for children in Liberia due to sexual exploitation, student labor, and bribery. Community poverty and cultural norms result in late enrollment and high rates of school dropout contributing to a large overage population.

Long-Term Impact

By creating a results-focused public school with the highest quality of teaching instruction, and a culture of accountability, this school will graduate students that can read and write and succeed in secondary school and beyond. Quality education is rare in Liberia and it is even harder to access in a remote location like Kolahun District. This will be transformative for children in a country where almost two thirds of the population are illiterate.


  1. http://www.restorehopeliberia.org

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