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OrganizationFundacion Vivatma
Region Colombia
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Given our experience on rescue, care, and re-homing, of unwanted, homeless and injured dogs and cats, we would like to work helping kids with special needs by bringing them together along with cats that have endured difficult conditions. Our project intends to provide the facilities for a group of children with special needs to interact with 30 rescued cats. Our main objective is to build a shelter in the Bogota Savanna where cats and kids can interact and play.


As Animal Protection is still an ignored subject in the Colombian villages and municipalities, the local mayors do not invest money in organized spay/neuter programs especially for cats, so overpopulation of stray and feral cats is unavoidable. On the other hand, children with special needs as autism o cerebral palsy often live on the fringe of society, isolated from a natural environment which includes being with animals.

Long-Term Impact

The program is destined for 30 spayed/neutered rescue cats, bringing love and communication to special children, often unable to communicate with humans. Furthermore, they will not be longer a public health menace and may suddenly be regarded as a blessing. The cats have a high probability to find forever homes and the kids may discover that there are many ways to communicate with sentient beings.


  1. http://fundacionvivatma.com/

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[[Category:Animal Welfare in Colombia Projects]], [[Category:Cats and kids in the community do not have a safe and comfortable space to interact and play together. Projects]]

[[Category:Animal Welfare in Colombia Projects in Colombia]], [[Category:Cats and kids in the community do not have a safe and comfortable space to interact and play together. Projects in Colombia]]