A Glass of Milk for Uruguayan Children

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OrganizationFundacion Banco de Alimentos - Uruguay
Region Uruguay
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ProjectLeader Dolores Corro

This project will provide 7,500 litres of milk per month to 3,552 vulnerable children of 13 social organizations in Uruguay.


Most of our beneficiary institutions help and support food-insecure children and find it difficult to get powdered milk to prepare their morning and afternoon snacks. As many of those beneficiary institutions are also educational facilities, it is extremely important for them to make sure that the children who attend are properly fed as adequate nutrition is essential to ensure development to their full potential. Unfortunately, powdered milk is not among the products that we usually receive

Long-Term Impact

Our objective is to give out 30 large packets of powered milk, which means 37500 glasses of milk per month that will feeding 3552 children.


  1. http://www.bancodealimentos.org.uy/

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[[Category:Food Security in Uruguay Projects]], [[Category:Lack of access to proper nutrition for children in Uruguay Projects]]

[[Category:Food Security in Uruguay Projects in Uruguay]], [[Category:Lack of access to proper nutrition for children in Uruguay Projects in Uruguay]]