A Gift of an Education..Will Change a Generation.

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OrganizationHave Hammer Will Travel A. C.
Region Mexico
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ProjectLeader H Wayne Renz

Our mission: Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. (HHWT) teaches Mexican youths (both boys and girls) life skills through woodworking, carpentry and CAD. The current job market requires more advanced skills. As vocational leaders, we are committed to filling gaps in education and life skills to ensure that local Chapala's Mexican youths ages 11 to 19 in year 2021 receive these skills, gain confidence and the required training they need to excel in this job market.


The under-served Mexican youths do not have access to quality education or they can't afford it. They have persistent challenges in front of them because public schools only provide the building and the teachers salary: even the poorest students must pay fees for registration, basic classroom supplies, all exams, certificates, uniforms and shoes. Without a well rounded proper education and life skills, it's almost impossible to seek gainful employment or pursue higher education.

Long-Term Impact

Mexican youths who are enrolled in our school will receive hands on vocational education in woodworking, carpentry and CAD skills. This will enable them to reach their full potential in any field they choose. This career/technical and life skills education is the key to unlocking their families from the vicious cycle of poverty. The students will be more confident upon participating in our program. Students enroll for a period or 3 to 7 years and then opportunity to move to higher education.


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  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZ4bYx5B4QM
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J87V9KN4lOY

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