A Caring Education for At-risk Kids in Costa Rica

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ProjectLeader Maritza Ulate

School kids from deprived communities in Costa Rica urgently need meaningful support to help them to overcome the challenges and trials they face every day. And that has increased tenfold in times of the pandemic. The support needs to address their psychological and socioeconomic needs and be sensitive to their cultural environment. Areas were support is crucial are nutrition, tutoring, arts and music. Also, a safe and caring environment to help them to become self-sufficient and self-fulfilled.


Children from one of the most deprived communities in Costa Rica are challenged every day to do better in school, to get healthy meals, develop emotional skills and gain a healthy self-perception for future self-sufficiency. They lack a safe place to study, to play and to learn as their socioeconomic and cultural environment is less than appropriate to do so.

Long-Term Impact

Children with a meaningful education have more opportunities to become fulfilled adults that are emotionally, socially and economically independent. This approach to education breaks the vicious cycle of poverty and positively impacts the community.


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