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OrganizationMentor Orphans Africa
Region Uganda
Website Website
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ProjectLeader Ssenyonga Charles

The project targets to enable the orphans to resume school amidst the covid-19 after the government announced school reopening Guidelines and SOPs which are essential for every institution and require immediate funding therefore our aim is to offer full free education to the orphans under our care which includes the finalist that will seat for their exams march early next year. we need to expand our classroom blocks , toilets and dormitories for social distancing, teachers quarters, sick bay.


lack of Handing washing facilities in all strategic places, these include: Water tanks with clean water, soap, sanitizers and liquid soap at all times limited teachers quarters, toilets, sick bay , dormitories for social distancing. No trained covid-19 team personals , poor ventilation and lighting. without working on these immediately, the orphanage school wont be allowed to operate, thus orphans plus finalists, wont eat for their national exams. our orphanage property will be taken by gov't.

Long-Term Impact

children will have free full education for a better future, healthy care services and good nutrition, this will all aim at making them productive in future. and the facilities put in place will help to accommodate more vulnerable children in future.



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[[Category:COVID-19 in Uganda Projects]], [[Category:Lack of resources and support for orphanages to meet reopening requirements during a crisis Projects]]

[[Category:COVID-19 in Uganda Projects in Uganda]], [[Category:Lack of resources and support for orphanages to meet reopening requirements during a crisis Projects in Uganda]]