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OrganizationChristian Education and Development Organization (CEDO)
Region Tanzania, United Republic of
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ProjectLeader Japhet Aloyce Kalegeya

CEDO signaled its commitment of protect orphans missed education due to deaths of their parents, and gender based violence against children by providing basic human needs. Our target is to reach 100 orphans vulnerable aged 8 to 17 years old. Given that thousands of orphans in Tanzania are outside of school and there is a high number of violence against children. Experience from Tabora police station shows that more than 63 children were violated from January to May 2022 in Tabora region,Tanzania


Thousands of orphans in Tanzania are out of school and are facing acts of sexual violence. This is a problem that affects children, educationally, physically, psychologically, healthily, sexually, economically and brings permanent disabilities, deaths, loss of labor to the community. According to Fhi360 it shows that 40 percent of orphans in Tabora region did not attend school at any time in the 2010 school year. The experience shows that more than 63 children were violated in Tabora Tanzania.

Long-Term Impact

The project will train 150 organization staffs government officers and community members on children's rights & child protection. The project will support 100 orphans with basic human needs, bicycles, uniforms, shoes, bags and paying health insurance. The project will train 200 teachers on psychological counseling; The project will establish 100 school clubs in 2 Districts of Tabora region. The project will conduct monitoring and evaluation to 60 people from government and project beneficiaries



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