AHAVA Safe House for Child Survivors in Mexico

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ProjectLeader Andres Marquez

Help us fight Child Sexual Exploitation in Northern Mexico by providing a safe place and care for rescued victims of Human Trafficking. That is why AHAVA Home exists: to cover all the needs that a victim requires after being rescued. Thanks to the support of our donors, our home has been partially rehabilitated and we are now caring for mothers and their children at our location. There is still more usable space in the home that is still in process of renovating.


There are currently more than 40 million victims of human trafficking. Although this crime does not distinguish sex, age or nationality, children are the most vulnerable. It is estimated that nearly 70,000 children are trafficked annually in Mexico for the purpose of sexual exploitation, of which 50,000 are on the northern border. This area, due to its geographical location, is one of the favorite destinations for the demand of sexual services with minors.

Long-Term Impact

At AHAVA Home, we are committed to providing the life that each survivor deserves and also to help develop the skills, provide the necessary tools and protection so that they do not end up in the same situation. Our desire is to see this Safe House model replicated in other parts of Mexico and the world.


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[[Category:Child Protection in Mexico Projects]], [[Category:Child survivors of abuse and trafficking in Mexico lack a safe and secure environment to heal and recover. Projects]]

[[Category:Child Protection in Mexico Projects in Mexico]], [[Category:Child survivors of abuse and trafficking in Mexico lack a safe and secure environment to heal and recover. Projects in Mexico]]