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OrganizationAction For Kids Charitable Trust
Region United Kingdom
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ProjectLeader Lyn Prodger

We fund specialist mobility equipment for disabled children and young people from birth to age 25 from all round the UK. The equipment we fund is recommended by, but unavailable from, the NHS and improves physical, mental and emotional health and increases inclusion. This includes powered, manual and sports wheelchairs, specialist trikes and buggies, power assists, risers, car seats, hoists and walkers. Uniquely, and crucially, we cover all repair and maintenance costs for equipment provided.


There are currently at least 360,000 children & young people aged 0-24 in the UK with disabilities affecting mobility. Most will need at least one item of mobility equipment. However the NHS is unable to meet demand for specialist and/or customised equipment that improves physical & mental health and offers inclusion & independence. It's estimated to cost three times more to raise a disabled child and with the cost of living soaring self-funding purchase & upkeep of equipment is rarely possible.

Long-Term Impact

The perfect item of mobility equipment really matters. It improves physical, mental & emotional health and increases social & financial inclusion. It can reduce pain, enhance posture and digestion and increase muscular strength. Improved confidence, independence freedom and dignity are also direct benefits. Appropriate equipment can allow disabled children & young people to access new opportunities like play, study, travel or work, sometimes for the first time - a relief for the whole family.



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