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OrganizationABC Health Foundation - Fondacioni Shendetesor ABC
Region Albania
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ProjectLeader Micah Turner

ABC Health Foundation is daily impacting the lives of Albanians through primary healthcare, medical education and community health. This project will help fund our Cancer Care Center, Family Physician Residency Program for Albanian doctors, as well as enable us to serve more patients in poor communities throughout Albania.


In Albania, there is great need for well trained primary-care doctors. The current patient to primary care doctor ratio is 1:2500 (WHO) and about 1 in 5 doctors will leave Albania to find work elsewhere. Finding trusted, quality and affordable healthcare in Albania is challenging. Preventative care is often neglected. Furthermore, sectors like hospice/palliative care and health education are not accessible to the average Albanian.

Long-Term Impact

ABC hopes to grow our model to train more doctors and nurses to better serve Albanian patients. We hope to do this through our medical internship program and education courses. We hope to provide better care to our patients with better equipment and technology. The project has the potential to broaden the scope of impact so that more Albanians can experience wholistic health on a daily basis.



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[[Category:High rates of chronic disease in our community Projects in Albania]], [[Category:Physical Health in Albania Projects in Albania]]