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OrganizationAfrican Bush Camps Foundation
Region Zimbabwe
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ProjectLeader Koinonia Baloyi

Our Community Empowerment focus area aims to implement practical and sustainable solutions that address challenges related to skills development and unemployment faced by our communities.


We have projects running in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Botswana that focus on addressing challenges that include unemployment, food scarcity, poor education and health care infrastructure, low school attendance and dropouts due to financial constraints, wildlife poaching, and preserving natural resources.

Long-Term Impact

This pillar is feeding the community, creating jobs for the unemployed, providing entrepreneurship training and opportunities that will enable the community to tap into additional streams of income as well as generate economic activity for the community. Funds raised go towards supporting our projects which include: the Mabanje community garden that aims to feed 45 families. The Vuche Vuche basket weaving and trade that is creating income and trade opportunities for vulnerable communities.



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[[Category:Justice and Human Rights in Zimbabwe Projects]], [[Category:Lack of community empowerment in ABCF Projects]]

[[Category:Justice and Human Rights in Zimbabwe Projects in Zimbabwe]], [[Category:Lack of community empowerment in ABCF Projects in Zimbabwe]]