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OrganizationAssociation of African Entrepreneurs
Region Ghana
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ProjectLeader Cornelius Nartey

Each year a global team of around 50 to 100 volunteers spend time undertaking research on the entrepreneurial environment in each country in Africa, and exploring arising threats and opportunities. The materials are published on the African entrepreneurs' association website and e-book, under a project titled "Hopes and Mirages", intended to serve as a guide for anyone who wish to embark on a business enterprise in the region.


The collaboration of the volunteers is a unique challenge. They work tirelessly in recording and verifying information, and then putting it across to readers in a way that would be both interesting and utility-oriented, and also add the aesthetic values to the same. Not a mean task requiring, also, a regular supply of internet access, host space and equipment at the coordinating point.

Long-Term Impact

The project is an outstanding example of the impact citizens can have on peace and sustainable development through volunteering their skills and time over the Internet.


  1. http://www.aaeafrica.org
  2. https://aaeafrica.org/home/list/
  3. http://www.facebook.com/aaeafrica
  4. http://www.twitter.com/aaeafrica
  5. http://www.aaeafrica.org/home/aaes-team-win-2013-unv-award/

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[[Category:Education in Ghana Projects]], [[Category:Lack of resources for AAE members to access information and support Projects]]

[[Category:Education in Ghana Projects in Ghana]], [[Category:Lack of resources for AAE members to access information and support Projects in Ghana]]