750 Children of widow Need Educational Materials

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OrganizationROSI foundation(Rural organising for social improvement)
Region India
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750 children of widows and destitute women are being provided with educational materials. The widow mother megare earning and multiple exploitation are not allowing children education. But in this support, children are freed from school dropout and education breaking. Hence the children are continuing in studies and the victim of education dropout is averted


In the severe economical crisis on widows' life with poverty, sex abuse, isolation of community and working place issues, children's education is a questionable one and they can't meet the expenses of the education. So, the women are putting down their children education and care. Daily her life is covered with so many issues and burdens. In the condition, their children drop out which is taking them in to child labour engagement and making some trafficking victims.

Long-Term Impact

The children will have been protected from dropout and child labour victims. Trafficking engagement will have been prevented among the children. The children will have a good and reasonable life by the education. The social evils and isolation of widow and children will have been prevented.


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  3. http://www.facebook.com/Rosifoundation
  4. http://www.youtube.com/user/rosifoundation
  5. http://www.guidestarindia.org/Organisation.aspx?CCReg=435

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