60 special children need your love during COVID-19

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OrganizationBalajothi Centre for the Disabled
Region India
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ProjectLeader Balajothi Bangalore

COVID-19 is a time when the 'HAVES' should help the 'HAVE NOTS'. This project is specifically aimed at sustaining 60 underprivileged families with seriously disabled special children, by providing much needed food and sanitary aids, Corona virus pandemic has affected people globally, confining them to their homes and denying them the means of earning and sustaining their families. Special children are the most affected as their cries fall on deaf ears. Our aim is to help such community.


COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire world. People are confined to their homes and the majority has lost the means to earn their living. Children and adults alike are starving. The costs of medication are astronomical and there is no end in sight for this ravage. Survival of the fittest has now become the norm.

Long-Term Impact

Intellectually challenged children need long-term help, in many cases, lifelong. We need to accept that it is the responsibility of society to step in and help such disabled persons. We also need to accept that this will be a problem which has no end as more and more children with special needs are increasing the world over. Our small help will make a very big difference in the lives of such persons and a big support to their families.


  1. http://www.balajothi.org

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