6000 Street Children in Nepal: Give Them a Home

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In 2013 Our Sansar opened a children's home for street children in Birgunj, south of Nepal where there are over 150 children living on the streets. We aim to provide the essential shelter, welfare and education that these children urgently need. So far we have welcomed over 40 children into our home - they are now able to enjoy a healthy diet and attend school with a safe and secure roof over their heads. With your support we can help many more, re-uniting them with family wherever possible.


Our children's home is in Birgunj where there are about 150 children living on the streets with no access to shelter or education. 31% of these children between the ages of 5 and 14 are involved in some form of child labour, such as collecting rags, shining shoes, pulling carts and rickshaws and begging. These children are highly vulnerable to exploitation through trafficking, sexual abuse and drug abuse. Without our support these children have little hope of a future off the streets.

Long-Term Impact

This programme is currently the only one of it's kind in this area of Nepal, making the work of Our Sansar absolutely crucial in helping the many street children. The long term goals of the home are: re-uniting children with their close or extended families wherever possible, providing the children with shelter, food and education, including skills training so that they can live independent lives in the future and rehabilitation of any children addicted to drugs.


  1. http://www.oursansar.org
  2. http://www.oursansar.org
  3. http://oursansar.org/street-children/

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[[Category:Child Protection in Nepal Projects in Nepal]], [[Category:Homelessness and lack of basic needs for street children in Nepal Projects in Nepal]]