50 edu-libraries to children in poverty in Africa

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In South Africa, thousands of parents rely on Early Learning Centres in the impoverished communities where they live. Most of these little schools have little to no education resources or toys. This project aims to provide 50 edu-libraries to Early Learning Centres in the poverty-stricken communities that we serve. Edu-libraries are a compact educational libraries for children to use as a key part of their development.


Many children in the South Africa are starving. Many of these children find refuge in Early Learning Centers by day. These establishments sometimes house over 100 small children in nothing more than a tin shack. They lack educational resources, satisfactory sanitation and adequate nutrition. Because thousands of poverty-stricken children are brought to these centers for day care, they are the perfect catchment areas for positive impact.

Long-Term Impact

Our hope is that this project will give young children a safe place to learn and develop and acquire skills that they otherwise might not have had a chance to develop. Also, that these Early Learning Centres would become beacons of hope and safety in their communities where children can spend time off the streets, and hopefully prevent them from becoming involved in other dangerous activities.


  1. http://www.lovestory.org.za

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