50Mexicans trained to deal with child sexual abuse

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OrganizationFundacion Personas con Abuso Sexual de Guadalajara A.C.
Region Mexico
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Fundacion PAS plans to offer two online courses to train free of charge 50 professionals in the areas of humanities, education, security and mental health who work in the government sector or civil organizations with vulnerable populations, in situations of poverty and / or domestic violence so that they carry out prevention and care programs for child sexual abuse in Mexico.


Mexico occupies the first place in child sexual abuse in the world. According to UNICEF (2014) in this country those cases are hardly attended by the incompetence and distrust towards the authorities, as well as the lack of accessible mechanisms by the institutions that provide support to society. This project pretends to offer training to professionals so they can provide proper attention. This alternative will result by reducing the child abuse rates.

Long-Term Impact

The project will train 50 community leaders through certificates, which will generate a prevention protocol and child sexual abuse attention so they can apply those acquired set of skills on the organization where they work. In average 22 different organizations from the Mexican Republic will be trained, so that every time there are more civil government organizations qualified to prevent, detect, channel and attend the child sexual abuse.


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