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OrganizationMaisto bankas
Region Lithuania
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ProjectLeader Dovile Kovalskyte

393 thousand tonnes of food get wasted in Lithuania annually, while 20 percent of the Lithuanian population is struggling to afford a healthy diet. Lithuanian food bank "Maisto bankas" saves more the 6000 tonnes from getting wasted every year, but there is so much more. A new minivan added to our fleet of food-saving vans could save another 500 tonnes a year. We kindly ask you to help us purchase a van-food saver!


Food is too precious to be wasted. Food production and supply take natural resources and cause damage to our planet by generating one-third of global GHG emissions. Every fifth person in Lithuania is struggling to have a nutritious meal every day. Our goal is to make sure that none of the surplus food is sent to landfills or used in any other way but to feed those in need. An additional minivan that collects surplus food is badly needed. Its main target will be food wasted at farming stage.

Long-Term Impact

The project will increase the amount of food we save annually by 500-1000 tonnes. This means: - more than a million meals a year; - almost 95 000 000 litters of freshwater, used to produce this amount of food, and more than 1500 tonnes of CO2, generated along the food supply chain, will not go in vain; - methane emission, that appears when food is rotting in landfills, will be prevented. Long-term impact: advancement of SDGs No 2 and No 12.3; damage to our planet diminished; more people fed.


  1. https://www.maistobankas.lt/

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