40 Women Improving Income through a Sweet Business

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OrganizationAsociacion Cultural para el Desarrollo Integral, A.C.D.I.
Region Argentina
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ProjectLeader Luciana Palacio

The project is meant to back groups of small entrepreneurs who work hardly to make a difference in their home by producing and selling artisanal jams, pickles, canned vegetables and other regional products based on local resources like prickly pear cactus, palms and citrus. They belong to small rural isolated villages where ACDI arranged to organize and equip elaboration centers. Women's challenge now is to sustain their business alone and we are looking for people who can help them.


Rural communities are politically, geographically and economically isolated. In this context, without work, men leave home to seek employment in other locations. Women are left alone at home, in charge of their children, without many options to improve their income. Thus, ACDI managed to install two production centers and train 40 women who now have the challenge of maintaining these spaces to overcome their situation of vulnerability and extreme poverty.

Long-Term Impact

ACDI provides training spaces on local food production, marketing, resource management, marketing, leadership, women's empowerment, among others. In this way, we generate installed capacities in the groups, which will allow them to set up a sustainable business over time, to improve their economic and social situation and provide well-being to their families.


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[[Category:Gender Equality in Argentina Projects]], [[Category:Improving income for women in a rural community Projects]]

[[Category:Gender Equality in Argentina Projects in Argentina]], [[Category:Improving income for women in a rural community Projects in Argentina]]