3 Micro-bakeries for rural women in South Africa

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OrganizationRural Development Support Program
Region South Africa
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ProjectLeader Nosakhele Mpushe

This project will establish 3 mobile micro-bakeries for women-led charities in rural South Africa, providing income and bread for them and their communities. In South Africa 30.4 million people survive on less than $75 a month. This project offers affordable access to food and income security by training 12 women change agents to become artisanal bakers. Equipment and startup ingredients are provided alongside training and mentoring, ensuring that bakeries can start producing immediately.


South Africa is one of the most unequal societies in the world where 30.3 million citizens live on under $75 a month. The Eastern Cape province boasts an unemployment rate of 45%, with rural women and children bearing the brunt of social ills such as gender based violence and poverty, relying on state grants for survival. Rural South Africa is still neglected and impoverished, with political interference and corruption preventing basic services reaching those that need it most - women and kids.

Long-Term Impact

This bakery project is a tried-and-tested model that RDSP has introduced in other rural communities with great success. The bakeries provide income-generating opportunities that benefit the organisations where they are established, the individual women who bake and also the greater community who benefit from cheaper bread. Women who earn an income can pay for school fees and buy food for their families, who in turn benefit from better nutrition and education.


  1. http://www.rdsp.org.za
  2. http://www.rdsp.org.za

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