3D printed prosthetic arms and hands

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OrganizationBolivians Without Disabilities
Region Bolivia
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ProjectLeader matthew pepe

In Bolivia, it is exceedingly difficult for any low-income amputee to get a prosthetic limb due to the cost and lack of availability. Our project's goal is to ensure that 20 low-income Bolivian amputees will be able to use their hands and arms again with a durable and functional prosthesis made with a 3D printer. Having a hand will allow these amputees to regain their sense of dignity, allow them to find employment, and contribute to their families and communities.


There are approximately 10,000 amputees in Bolivia. However, there are almost no prosthetic clinics for low-income amputees - and zero that are dedicated to providing upper limb prostheses. The sad irony here is that the low-income segment of the population is most likely to have a limb amputated due to diabetes, traffic and/or work accidents, cancer, and congenital disabilities.

Long-Term Impact

Working Bolivian amputees will no longer be confined to their homes, where they feel like a financial and emotional burden to the family. Instead they will be able to hold their heads high in society, pursue their dreams, contribute to their communities, and support their families.


  1. https://www.BoliviansWithoutDisabilities.org
  2. https://www.facebook.com/bolivianswithoutdisabilities/
  3. https://twitter.com/Bolivians_Disab
  4. http://YOUtube.com/centrodemiembrosa
  5. http://bolivianswithoutdisabilities.org/previous-monthly-newsletters/

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[[Category:Lack of affordable prosthetic limbs for amputees Projects]], [[Category:Physical Health in Bolivia Projects]]

[[Category:Lack of affordable prosthetic limbs for amputees Projects in Bolivia]], [[Category:Physical Health in Bolivia Projects in Bolivia]]