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OrganizationHoras da Vida Institute
Region Brazil
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ProjectLeader Camila Sartorato

The Hours of Life, dedicates every day to bring health to the people in situations of social vulnerability. We know that in a country with so much inequality, every hour counts and every support makes a difference in someone's life. Health is serious business. To renew the our commitment to society, we will launch the 365 days of health campaign for those in need to collect donations and convert them into consultations and exams for people in social vulnerability. Come with us to save lives.


In Brazil, 283,000 lives are no longer covered by medical insurance. The increase in unemployment has worsened the health of people in social vulnerability. Hours of life wants to help families who need to see a doctor and have exams and cannot pay for appointments.

Long-Term Impact

Donate consultations and exams to socially vulnerable patients for a year. The consultation can be carried out by telemedicine, expanding the impact of the project throughout Brazil.


  1. https://www.horasdavida.org.br
  2. http://www.horasdavida.org.br

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