3000 Women Empowerment programme in Uganda

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OrganizationShare Child Opportunity Eastern and Northen Uganda (SCOEN)
Region Uganda
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Women and girls around the world and Uganda in particular should have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives. They should be free from the threat of violence. Thanks to your support, SCOEN's Women's Empowerment programme intends to supports 3000 women across the Uganda. The programme aims to support them to have power and a voice. To recover from violence. To live a life of dignity and opportunity


Globally, 1 in 3 women experience violence in their lifetime. Women and girls experience widespread discrimination in every aspect of their lives. At school. In society. In politics. At work. Sexual harassment and the threat of violence is a daily reality. This discrimination is wrong. It traps women and girls in poverty. Gender equality means everyone benefits. Not only individuals, but whole communities. Gender equality leads to better education & health. It promotes economic growth for all.

Long-Term Impact

Our women's empowerment programmes are based on an approach that works at many levels. Reduces the risk of violence to women and girls. For survivors of violence we provide support, recovery and social change. We also engage men to improve attitudes towards violence against women. The programme will support up to 3000 women to build leadership skills, protect women from violence, work with women and men to change attitudes and increase gender equality in decision making a cross Uganda.


  1. https://scoenuganda.org

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[[Category:Gender Equality Projects in Uganda]], [[Category:Women in Uganda lack access to education and economic opportunities Projects in Uganda]]