3,000 Guatemalan Farmers Graduate from Poverty

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We are a small, but impactful U.S. nonprofit that provides technical assistance and business training to help farmers graduate from poverty. SID's Guatemalan project will directly assist 3,000 coffee-farming families. Every dollar contributed will help these farmers and their families build a sustainable livelihood. Please reference our 'Reports' page for more information regarding the success of our current program and our values of gender-equity and environmental stewardship.


Alta Verapaz is Guatemala's poorest region; 89.6% of the population is classified as poor and 46.7% as extremely poor. The region also has the lowest level of schooling. 93% of the population is Mayan, who have been excluded from opportunities for advancement. There is no salaried employment, so farmers who choose to stay in their communities rather than migrate have to create their own jobs. Women have much less schooling than men and suffer from inequality and a lack of opportunity.

Long-Term Impact

SID's project will help 3,000 families build successful farming businesses and graduate from poverty. Farmers will conserve the natural resources upon which their farm-enterprises depend, and women will play an equal role in building these businesses or start other businesses. This will create prosperous rural communities where parents won't need to leave their families for jobs in the city or another country and where they can afford to send their children to school.


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[[Category:Economic Growth in Guatemala Projects in Guatemala]], [[Category:Poverty among Guatemalan farmers Projects in Guatemala]]