240 vulnerable children in Colombia need your help

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OrganizationFundacion Juan Felipe Gomez Escobar
Region Colombia
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ProjectLeader Alejandra Izquierdo

Sharing is caring! At this time 240 children of teenage mothers are part of our Comprehensive Child Development Center where we care for them, feed them, and stimulate their growth while their mothers are educated. By donating $3 dollars a day we can guarantee: The care of a child, its food, diapers, and the necessary implements to promote its stimulation. Today we need your help to be able to contribute to our mission of transforming the lives of teenage mothers and their babies.


In developing countries, newborns from mothers under 20 years old face a risk of prenatal or early death 50% higher than those born from women aged 20-29; and are especially prone to malnutrition. They are also more likely to have low birthweight and to suffer domestic violence, causing long-term effects such as breathing, neurologic and gastrointestinal problems, and cognitive issues. Young mothers often lack support from their partners and families, hindering the creation of affective bonds.

Long-Term Impact

Children attended at the Center grow up healthy and avoid respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases, also earning adequate nutritional conditions. As their mothers learn about humanized parenting, they make certain the children grow up in an environment of well-being and affection, while ensuring the continuity of their good health. In the long run, these children have better chances to achieve good results at school and avoid dropout, being less likely to fall into the hands of criminal network


  1. http://www.juanfe.org/en
  2. https://www.instagram.com/fundacionjuanfe/

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