2023 Mayor Potencial Annual Fund

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OrganizationMayor Potencial
Region Honduras
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ProjectLeader Lenore McGarry

We are adding local Spanish education and advocacy in the Tompkins County and region for the upcoming year. We are sponsoring Spanish families for the holidays. In El Rodieto, we will be continuing to work on Education, Clean Water, Medication, Food, and Clothing.


The problems that this project will address are twofold: one is a lack of basic necessities in El Rodieto, Honduras. The second is support for refugees from Honduras in the US, including cultural and financial support.

Long-Term Impact

The long term impact will include healthier people in Honduras and in Tompkins County.


  1. https://www.mayorpotencial.org

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[[Category:Education in Honduras Projects]], [[Category:Lack of funding for community development projects Projects]]

[[Category:Education in Honduras Projects in Honduras]], [[Category:Lack of funding for community development projects Projects in Honduras]]