2022 Campaign: Educate at-risk youth in Kenya

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OrganizationMargaret Okari Children's Foundation
Region Kenya
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ProjectLeader Jessica Lewis

We operate a residential school in rural Kenya where we support more than 220 orphans and at-risk youth from preschool through 8th grade, providing them with a nurturing home, food, medical care, and one of the best academic programs available in the region. We consistently rank among the top schools in our district of over 140 schools and have ranked 1st multiple times in the last 5 years. We work hard to maximize the impact of our resources and operate on a lean budget of $1 per child per day.


In communities where people struggle to provide for their own basic needs, caring for orphans can pose severe hardship. Orphans often leave school, unable to afford school fees or forced to spend their days working. Child labor, abuse, early marriage, early childbearing, and low educational attainment are common. We intervene to alter the trajectory of orphans' lives, empowering them with a quality education, a supportive living environment, and the tools to build vibrant futures.

Long-Term Impact

In the words of our Founder and Executive Director, Kwamboka Okari: "We believe that educating our orphans has the power to shape not only their destinies, but that the collective power of educated individuals can influence the destiny of Africa herself." We are committed to providing underserved, at-risk children with the opportunity to grow into educated, engaged, self-reliant citizens of Kenya and the world. Thank you for partnering with us -- you make our work possible!


  1. http://mocfschool.org

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