200 "One Baby Boxes" for low-income parents

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OrganizationShamseya for Innovative Community Healthcare Solutions
Region Egypt
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ProjectLeader Ayman Sabae

What if we could ensure each baby has the same starting-point in life, the same chances? "One Baby Box" acts as an "Equitable Childhood Starter Kit". It includes everything expectant parents would need to provide their new born a fair chance in life, health and wellbeing. You can offer this box as a gift to parents with limited resources who have completed a full "One Baby, Equal Chances" training program that equips them on ensuring their children's rights and health are protected.


As is the case in most countries, infant mortality and morbidity rates are directed affected by families income levels. Infants needs are simple, basic and well-defined. A baby's wellbeing should never be defined by the income of its parents! Equity begins with an equitable early childhood. Disparities should never start with a baby's first day in life. What if we could offer every baby these equal chances, regardless of where it was born or how much its parents earn?

Long-Term Impact

The box itself is designed as baby's first crib: A cosy enclosed space to sleep that reminds them of their mother's womb. This sleeping space reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by protecting the baby from the risks of accidental asphyxia due to sharing a bed. This accounts for 80% of all sudden and unexpected deaths among infants. Each of its item is selected to deliver a clear message and tool for child protection, promoting physical and mental wellbeing for generations to come.


  1. https://shamseya.org/
  2. https://onebabybox.com/

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