1m meals for excluded women & children in Covid-19

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OrganizationApne Aap USA
Region India
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ProjectLeader Ruchira Gupta

We are distributing essential medicines, millions of meals, school supplies and coordinating vaccination, oxygen and hospital referrals for children and women in red light areas, refugee camps and migrant slums hit by Covid-19 in India. They have lost access to food as Covid has taken life and livelihoods. Children sent back from school are in small rooms with no windows. Food and fresh air are a luxury let alone wi-fi and computers for online education. We are giving children computers too


While COVID-19 has been tough on everyone, it has been particularly disastrous for victims of sex-trafficking & their children, many of whom were already barely making ends meet. They have lost all income. Their children have returned from school & families of 4 to 11 are locked down in tiny rooms . More than 85 % report that they have no food, no money, no fresh air and that housing is at risk. Victims of sex-trafficking need food now, more than anything. Some children have lost a parent.

Long-Term Impact

The project ensures the survival of 50,000 children and women during the Covid second wave, by preventing starvation. It gives time to work with partner organizations, friends, well-wishers & the government to develop a long term strategy for excluded women and children & victims of sex-trafficking. The socio-economic impact of the crisis on is going to continue and stretch into the future. We are already planning projects for transit housing, loans and training for the women and their children


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[[Category:COVID-19 in India Projects]], [[Category:Food insecurity among excluded women and children during the COVID-19 pandemic Projects]]

[[Category:COVID-19 in India Projects in India]], [[Category:Food insecurity among excluded women and children during the COVID-19 pandemic Projects in India]]