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OrganizationBahini Educare Foundation
Region Nepal
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ProjectLeader Surendra Pariyar

Due to the pandemic and the collapse of the economy, Nepal is facing a humanitarian disaster of an unprecedented scale! 40% of Nepal's population, approximately 12 million people, is poor. Most of these people live in villages in higher altitudes between 500m and 1500m. For many children, the combination of malnourishment and a lack of adequate protection from the freezing cold will have fatal consequences. The project aims to provide Sleeping bags to this target group.


There has been an increment in the COVID-19 positive cases in Nepal and subsequent deaths. Poverty has always been an issue and most of these people live on less than $1.5 a day. The majority of them are literally living from the hand in the mouth. Since the beginning of the lockdown six months ago, people are out of work and they are without any revenues. We are providing food for as many as we can, but these people and the children in particular urgently need sleeping bags.

Long-Term Impact

Our aim to reach out to 1000 families with warm sleeping bags will ensure they are safe against the winter for a number of years. These are good quality sleeping bags that we distributed during the worst phase of people's lives: the devastating Earthquake! With a warm sleeping bag, these people will have one matter less to worry about during the chilly winter and the scarce basic requirements.


  1. http://www.bahinifoundation.org

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